iParl email campaigning tool

Do you want to run powerful and compelling email lobbying campaigns where your supporters can email MPs, ministers, corporations or indeed anyone with an email address?

iParl is the online service which helps you do this – designed for campaigners, not just web wizards.

Once your account is set up, you can log in and create campaigning actions in minutes, with no specialist technical knowledge.

iParl you to run as many actions as you like, making online activism easy. As well as building pressure for your campaigning demands, iParl actions will win you access to contact details for your supporters in a way that a simple ‘sign up’ form never would, broadening your campaigning and fundraising reach.

Easy sharing of your actions on social media gives the potential for your actions to spread virally far beyond your original support base.

Email a broad range of campaigning targets


  • MPs
  • MPs, with different text based on whether they have signed an EDM
  • The Prime Minister
  • MEPs
  • Members of the Scottish Parliament
  • Members of the Welsh Assembly
  • Members of the Northern Ireland Assembly
  • Single target, with any an email address you specify, such as a minister or corporation.
  • Multiple targets, where your supporters can select who to email from a list.

Custom actions can be constructed around your own datasets, including through integrating with ward, local authority, devolved body or parliamentary boundaries for which additional fees apply.

To email local councillors it is necessary to license this data as an add on package, for which a further fee applies. All other contact databases mentioned are included as part of the core iParl subscription.

Create model letters & add rich content

iParl actions are created by you adding your content to a series of form fields – introductory text, email body and subject lines, opt-in permissions and so on.

You can use these either to pre-fill a complete message which supporters can edit if they wish, or merely provide talking points for campaigners to write their own email from scratch.

All relevant areas can be filled with formatted content, allowing you to add images, YouTube videos or any other resource stored on your main website or elsewhere on the web.

Once submitted, supporters can be sent a ‘thank you’ email, invited to share the action and/or shown other content – either saved within iParl or by being redirected to an address of your choice.

Actions tailored to your individual supporters

You can tailor your actions so that different supporters see different messages, based on their postcode.

This can flow from their nation/region (for instance, sending those in Scotland to write a tailored message to their MSPs rather than MP) or be based on the party of their MP. You can also build custom lists of MPs, allowing your supporters to be seen to acknowledge and respond to any known stance of their MP, whether for or against your demands.

Actions can also be based around whether an MP has signed an EDM (Early Day Motion), with the system telling your supporters whether their MP has already signed. A different model email can then be displayed, perhaps with further asks, where you have already gained the MP’s support.

Easy sharing on social media

After sending an email, campaigners can easily share your action on Facebook, Twitter and by email, multiplying your reach far beyond your initial contacts. Each new campaign gives a brilliant opportunity to recruit new supporters.

You can specify custom text and images to appear when your actions are shared on Facebook and pre-fill a tweet and model email for people to send to their friends.

iParl also shows you the number of Facebook likes, shares and comments your actions receive.

Run petitions

iParl petitions follow the same easy to create format as email actions, but allow you to gather and (optionally) display lists of signatures and their comments.

Petitions signatures can also be displayed in the form of letter co-signatories, to be placed directly below the text of your message.

Signatures can either be added immediately, or confirmed only after a link in a verification email has been followed.

As with all actions, the numbers of people taking part can be displayed either through a customisable image, or even more flexibly, though the API. Offline petition signatures can be added to this to display a combined total.

Easily link to or embed your actions

All actions can be delivered both as full pages and as iFrame widgets:

  • With full pages, you simply link to the address of the iParl action as you would with any other link. Actions can be hosted on subdomain of your site pointed to the iParl server. e.g. act.yourdomain.org and templated to match the look of your main site.
  • You can also embed iParl actions within pages on your existing website as iFrame widgets just by pasting in a small snippet of code which can be copied from iParl. A minimal version of your site template can ensure that fonts and button styles match your main site.

Your account-wide templates (both full page and widget versions) allow blocks of HTML to be inserted on each page before and after the content of your actions, allowing you to include branding, navigation and any other content. Elements within your actions can then be styled using CSS.

Stats to measure your success

You can track the progress of your actions with summaries of the number of actions taken, which MPs have been emailed, where your supporters live, how many actions have been taken per day or month as well as from where visitors reached your website.

For actions where UK postcodes are gathered, iParl displays a heat map, ranking each postcode area against the number of campaigners there. Stats also reveal how many ‘likes’ and comments the link to your action has received on Facebook.

Data export and API

All supporter data can be downloaded as a CSV spreadsheet for you to import into other systems.

For actions where a postcode lookup is required, user records include the Westminster and European constituencies plus the borough of the supporter.

Information about your actions, such as all relevant names, URLs and counts of actions taken can be supplied using the iParl API, whilst supporter data can be pushed to a script on your server as each action is taken.

You can also append supporter data to the URL of your choice which supporters can be taken to when completing your action, for example to pre-populate a donation or membership form with their name and address.

Custom modes

Custom action modes and datasets not mentioned here can often be created to your specifications. Specialist data sets can either be integrated from data you hold or licensed for your use, where suitable geographical descriptions are available.

iParl can also be used as the basis for other highly customised forms of actions, for example, allowing supporters to place a pin on a map to show their support or actions where uploading a photo is the centrepiece of the action. Do get in touch to discuss what might be possible.

Further features

  • Multilingual support
  • Pre-populate supporter details
  • Send ‘thank you’ messages as people take action
  • Track how people reached your action
  • Mobile friendly, if your site template is
  • Display ‘social proof’ of actions taken and shared
  • Display a count of actions taken, either as image or text
  • Pass supporters from one action to another with details pre-filled
iParl is a service under active development, with new features added regularly. No charge is made to access new functionality which becomes part of the iParl core.

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